Anonymous: Could you try and find/post more male style clothes and styles please and thank you u w u

Yiss, I’ve been meaning to, anon!


> have sex with husbamd
> bed is super creaky
> bed makes noise with every thrust
*next day*
> sitting with mom, chatting
mom: were you printing something upstairs?
me: …what?
mom: it sounded like you were printing something.
me: *remembers ee-err-eee-err-eee-errr noise of bed* …no I wasn’t printing anything.
mom: oh I coulda sworn I heard printing…



Steampunk Spider

Look what crawled out of the crater. This is a solidly built cyborg spider sculpture from Steamplanet. Made of silver-plated vintage metal cutlery and other vintage metal parts(soldered,not glued).The legs are strongly attached, they articulate a bit where they attach to the body. Expect to see tarnish, nicks, and scratches because this guy has seen some battle. Approx size: 8 inches from head to tail and 11 inches across. 

steamplanet / etsy via tumbr561pete

This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen.


Jerusalem-based industrial designer Naomi Kizhner created a series of sci-fi jewelry than harvest kinetic energy from a human’s body and turns it into electricity. Called “Energy Addicts”. Each spike is inserted into a vein; the blood stream spins the wheel and creates movemen.The jewelry is made from gold and 3D-printed biopolymer. Each piece contains sharp stings that neatly pierce the skin and serve as bio energy harvesting devices. The energy is generated from the body’s subconscious movements, such as blood flow or blinks of an eye. Kizhner created several designs to be worn on different body parts and to draw energy from specific physiological functions. Via Reddit

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captain-kali: You REALLY shouldn't share peoples' personal photos without their permission. It's not right and might not even be legal.

What photo are you talking about? If you mean the high school one, I told her about it.