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what a picture of your butt? i wanna see :)

haha! you’ve probably already seen it, you’re just unaware. ;3

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Hey #SDCC2014 color with your octopus at booth 4712. I’ll be there from 2:30 to 6:00 today! #babytattoobooks #ottoandvictoria #steampunk

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I think they think it’s the best/easiest way to gain followers - to have their name show up instead of yours. It’s gotta work of they wouldn’t do it, right? Either way, totally dumb. Also I saw your butt again the other day and it had no source

Agreed agreed agreed, but I guess if they want the followers that bad, power to ‘em. hahaha yeah I’ve been accused of pretending it’s mine so it’s whatever. I know it’s my butt, that’s all that matters. xD

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jackviolet: I don't know whether I've ever reblogged something from you, but I tend to delete people's usernames from underneath pictures because I don't like *any* usernames under photos (unless it is the person who actually took or is in the photo). I like to keep it clean with just the artist name and source. I get puzzled when people reblog my photo posts and leave my username in. I have nothing to do with the photo except posting it, my name shouldn't be under it.

No I totally get that, it irks me when people put an ‘x’ or something stupid and insignificant under a photo just so their username circulates. If you don’t have anything of value to add to it, just don’t.

But I have posted a photo and written the source underneath, just to have people copy the source and put it there themselves, deleting my username. That way if people reblog it, that person’s username shows up instead of mine.

It mostly aggravates me because if they do that, it makes it seem like I didn’t source it to begin with. 

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I hate seeing old pictures like this and thinking to myself “wtf was I thinking when I thought this would be a good picture” e_e


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Why do people need attention on tumblr so badly? I already put the caption and source, is it really necessary to copy and paste it so your username is underneath it instead of mine? :/ 

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If you find the source, let me know! <3
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It’s always cool seeing Lady Dulac on my dash.